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Graphic Story Kits
Resources for a complete book, including images, 
plots/summaries/outlines, templates, and 
a monthly surprise bonus.
Graphic Story Kits
Launching Soon 
Kits to create a graphic storybook every month ... and more.
Get Your Name on the early notification list today.
sample graphics of kit images

Your free download will have more information and examples of what will be included in each themed kit.

We will let you know the exact date of the launch so that you can take advantage of a very special 
pre-launch 5-day pricing.
You will not be disappointed !!
Create a Book for Your Store
Family / Homeschool  Project
Images for Other Projects
Use the resources to create a book to sell on your online store.
Build a book with and/or for your family. 
Turn the resources over to your older
children and let them create their own stories. For homeschoolers, create one-page writing assignments.
Each kit will have many resources ready for creating a book. Consider using them in other products you create.
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Graphic Story Kits
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